Advanced Curriculum

Classes that strengthen technique and movement quality for mature dancers.

Jazz+Hip Hop

Class curriculum will vary week by week, featuring primarily jazz or hip hop combinations. Dancers will work to strengthen their performance and movement quality. 30 minutes | $48.00


Students in Contemporary will use skills learned in ballet and jazz to create artistic movement. Classes will feature combinations and improvisation. Enrollment in a technique class is recommended. 30 minutes | $48.00


Pom classes focus on precision, strength, and performance quality. Advanced Pom is an excellent class for drill team members. 30 minutes | $48.00


Advanced dancers are encouraged to take a variety of classes to become a well rounded dancer. Dancers can choose from Jazz+Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pom, and Tumbling. Your first class is $48.00, and each additional class is $25.00/each


Come join us!


We invite you to join our dance family! We strive to provide a curriculum for all ages and skill levels that focuses on individual growth and finding passion for dance. We believe dance lessons provide students with the opportunity to express themselves and create lifelong friendships and memories.