Our Studios

Our facility houses two spacious dance rooms equipped with professional sprung Marley floors. The sprung subfloors are shock absorbent, meaning they add a slight give to the floor. This relieves some of the tension put on dancers' joints, bones, and muscles. They are topped with vinyl Marley flooring, giving dancers a non-slip surface without being sticky.  Project C Dance Company has chosen to invest in sprung Marley flooring, as the safety of our dancers is our top priority. Our studio is also equipped with state-of-the-art Vita Vibe aluminum ballet barres, sound systems, and training tools like resistance bands, yoga blocks, and core balls. Our tumbling facility features panel mats, shaped mats, landing mats, a trampoline, a balance beam, an AirTrack, and a sprung rod floor.

Make Yourself at Home

We warmly welcome you to make yourself at home at our new facility. Our clean and modern waiting room offers a spacious space for dancers to mingle and get ready for class, while parents can stay and get some work done. Our studio features free wifi and plenty of seating to accommodate our dance families.