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Individual Training


Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way for students to receive one-on-one training. These lessons are personalized to meet the individual needs of the student. Private lessons are advantageous for students as they get one-on-one time with the instructor, fostering growth and discipline. With private training, a student can progress faster with learning certain skills and progressing technique, building self-confidence, and receiving the full attention of the instructor. Lessons are available in every dance genre. 


30-minute lesson: $17.50
60-minute lesson: $35.00

6 Lesson Bundle: $175.00 (paid up front)

Choreography Fees

Per dancer: Solo $75 | Duet/Trio $45 | Group: $20


Come join us!

We invite you to join our dance family! We strive to provide a curriculum for all ages and skill levels that focuses on individual growth and finding passion for dance. We believe dance lessons provide students with the opportunity to express themselves and create lifelong friendships and memories.

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