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Students in Tumbling will learn tumbling and acrobatic skills in a safe environment and brand new facility, featuring a variety of sprung and shaped mats. Students learn skills with drills and other strength building exercises. Students will repetitively work on muscle memory, body alignment, core strength, flexibility, stamina, and drills to target certain muscle areas for specific tumbling skills. We offer classes in 6 different skill levels in order for all students to get the most out of their training. 30 minutes | $48.00

Level 1 | ages 3+ | prerequisite: none, first time students welcome

Level 2 | ages 5+ | prerequisite: none, first time students welcome

Level 3 | ages 7+ | prerequisite: none, first time students welcome

Level 4 | ages 7+ | prerequisite: strong, consistent back bend

Level 5 | ages 8+ | prerequisite: back & front walkover

Level 6 | ages 9+ | prerequisite: back & front handspring, side aerials

Boys Tumbling

A tumbling class for boys ages 4-8. This class allows young boys to feel comfortable in a dance class, being surrounded by fellow male peers. Tumbling is advantageous for male athletes, as it develops strength, agility, and flexibility. We recommend boys ages 2-3 to enroll in Level 1 Tumbling to build a strong tumbling foundation. Boys older than 8 are encouraged to join a higher level of tumbling that meets their skill level. 30 minutes | $48.00

Come join us!


We invite you to join our dance family! We strive to provide a curriculum for all ages and skill levels that focuses on individual growth and finding passion for dance. We believe dance lessons provide students with the opportunity to express themselves and create lifelong friendships and memories.

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